Welcome to my world! I am Roberto Jorda-Cid, lets chat!

Where do I begin? Oh That’s Right, I’m Awesome.

I have been attempting to find my path for the last few years. needless to say, College did not prepare me for real world. I mean, let’s look at the facts, I have a standard degree, which I incurred 30K in student loans and the only real work out there are sales jobs.

At this point I have started 3 different businesses, 4 websites, and I have had a number of sales positions at reputable companies around the City.However, I am still where i started 5 years ago… Unhappy and unfulfilled. So what do i do about it? Well, what I have always done, suck it up and keep trucking! I mean, I have been told so many times over the years how successful I will be, and how smart I am, and how great everything I do is, but not one of them told me “lets work together” or “lets get you paid”. So is all of it b.s? Maybe it is my perception of reality. Am I great? I know I am, but I want to show the world I am.

Most recently and what looks to be my future, I am doing internet marketing simply because it comes natural to me and I absolutely love it. My problem at this point is not learning, its making it my life! How do I go from here to there in under 1 year?

That is where this blog comes in handy. I read the book, “The Education of Millionaires” by Michael Eisberg and I decided to start this blog. I will be showing you what I am about, what I believe in and how I get things done.