Who Is RJ Cid?

Greetings! Thanks for checking me out!Roberto jorda-cid

First of all, lets make it clear that my full name is Roberto Jorda-Cid, however, it has always been misspelled, misused, and basically chopped to pieces by everyone. RJ Cid is a simple, quicker way to call me, and its my moniker more than actual name.

Since graduating from college I have been on a path to discover everything that my little heart desires. I started with an internship at a PR and Marketing agency in Puerto Rico, and since then I have done sales, network marketing, real estate, and internet marketing.

The underlining factor in everything I have done, also why I studied communications in college, is to learn and understand how to market a brand or product. This desire to learn and understand marketing is what has led me to this point, writing about my thoughts and experiences marketing online.

After reading all the required self-help books, I have dove deep into the marketing industry. The purpose is to help others, through my example, learn and implement useful search engine optimization techniques that can help their business.

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I am currently located in Chicago, but open for business around the world.