From Real Estate Wholesaling to Internet Marketing

internet marketing messengerLast year around 2011 I went to see one of my favorite motivational speakers, Tony Robbins. Now, regardless of what you think of him or the personal development industry, his stuff is powerful! I went through a very intense and deep survey of who I am and my goals in life.

Not surprisingly, I discovered that although real estate was fun, I was always creating copy, videos, and websites. Only reason I never pursued it was because I never thought I could make much of it, aka fear.

So, what really happened? Was it the market? Was it the people? What caused me to take this leap into a completely new direction?

The answer is passion. Yes passion. I know if you listen to Larry Winget, another great speaker, the guy clearly hates passion. Why? because the very definition of passion is an uncontrollable emotion!

The last thing we need to do is make decisions based on uncontrolled emotions, right? Well sorta…

When I refer to passion, I am not talking about having fun or laying in the beach type passion. I refer to that feeling I kept getting when I would explain to people how to fin an audience online, or how to spread their message across multiple channels Three years before the decision to break into the industry I spent over $2,000 trying to learn how to create a brand and website online. Within a few months I made that money back.

Before moving on, don’t get me wrong here either. I love real estate, especially the investing side of it. There is no other game I would rather play at a high level, but for now I need to go with what I know can provide me with the life and career I want.

Quick Reference Point:

I went to college for Spanish, Communications, and Entrepreneur Science. I naturally gravitate towards being creative and being a risk taker. Real Estate, at the time I found it, became a great manifestation of my interests. There is a lot to be said about going from one industry to another, and yes it was not easy, but I cant help myself.

While this journey has not been as fun as my previous work, I know that eventually it is going to pay off.

  • Online Marketing is A Growing Industry – No matter how you look at it, this is the one industry that is growing and in high demand. It’s sorta like being in the rail road industry back in the early 1900s, there is opportunity for everyone.
  • Every Business Needs Online Marketing – Seriously, look around you! Everyone that has something to sell or promote needs people like me to help them. I produced a newsletter with over 1,000 subscribers about wholesaling real estate in Chicago, I am pretty sure I can do that for your knitted socks. = )
  • Constant Creativity and Entrepreneurial Thinking – As a lefty, my brain is wired to being creative. Once I am no longer creating or building something, I get bored. Fortunately there are enough moving parts and evolving rules that you are always reading, implementing and learning. As you can see, I love to learn.
  • Work from Laptop – This probably wont happen right away, but eventually I could see myself working from my laptop making full time income either on my own or with a reputable company. It’s not about working on a beach, but it is cool knowing you can do your work anywhere in the world. That is power!

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RJ, aka Tito, is an experienced world traveler and an online entrepreneur. Follow him as he travels, podcasts, and shares his ideas about travel, making money online, and more!

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